UK Bjorn          

A Tribute to ABBA


The Minefield of Abba Tribute’s is a difficult one to navigate and can result in disappointment!

With every group testifying to be the best show in the industry, just how do you know who to believe?

Well in ‘UK Bjorn’, we believe in letting you, the clients decide who tops the pile; but here are the facts….


UK Bjorn is fronted by one of the most established Abba performers in the business. Kerri spent over nine years with one of the countries premier live bands before deciding to go it alone and launch an Abba tribute of her own. With not a prima-dona in sight and the only band rider being that everyone has a great time, Kerri has used all of her performance experience to create a fantastic show. Boasting brilliantly authentic backing music, perfectly replicated costumes and high-energy dance routines that will leave your audiences cheering for more.


Go on…. Make your event the best it can be by booking UK Bjorn now!


Text Box:          Steve - 07736 470 182       Kerri - 07766 337 949